Monthly Draw


Are you aware?? that we operate a Club Draw each season.

We hold 10 draws which normally start in September, however due the delay in sending these forms out the September draw will be done at the same time as the October draw. Draws are made at a home games

Based on a membership of 200 numbers, we will be offering a 1st prize of £50, 2nd & 3rd prizes of £20 plus 3 prizes of £10. All for the small sum of £10, that’s just £1 per number in each draw.

You are not limited to a single entry. If you want more than one number, just increase your cheque accordingly. To help boost funds ask your friends, children, parents or relatives if they would like a go!

Please download and complete the form below and return it to Chris Benest together with a cheque for £10 per entry, made payable to “St Peter F.C.”.

Alternatively, you can hand it to any other Committee Member.

Thank you for supporting St Peter’s Football Club

I wish to take part in next season’s St Peter’s Football Club Monthly Draw and enclose a cheque for £10 per entry.