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The 2013/14 Season Match Reports

JWFC Ladies V St Peter F.C. Ladies – (2-3), match report here.
St Peter F.C. Ladies V JWFC Ladies – (6-0), match report here.


St John Ladies F.C. 1 Vs 6 St Peters a Ladies F.C.

Well bless our little cotton socks, we only went and won!

Not only won but won well. Apart from a 15 min spell 5 mins into the second half we totally controlled the game.

Our work rate showed commitment determination and a passion for the ball in what was an outstanding team performance.

A 6-1 victory is not a fluke it’s a fully deserved victory great goals by Sophie x2 Becky x2 and Twinkle x2 topped off 12 player of the game awards



Grouville Ladies 5 – St Peters Ladies 1 

A big fat SIGH soldiers x

So proud of our performance today and so frustrated that we are not getting what we deserve in terms of scores and results.

Today was our first experience of an outstanding squad performance which creates a completely different set of problems in terms of minutes on the pitch.

And that’s a learning curve for all of us. Every player should want to play 90 mins and the management need to play the players as they think the game is evolving or for possible impact. We will both get it right and wrong

I thought today everyone played their part. As manager it is my call who starts, stays on, comes on or goes off but I make those calls for what I believe to be the benefit of the team.

In the context of today’s 5-1 game Great goal by Leanne and we are leading another game not chasing it. Great strike by Becky that deserved a goal and we are right back in the game. .A strange penalty decision that takes the game out of our reach. It’s just small things now!!

I though Chantelle was outstanding

Katy and Aimee are forging a solid central defensive partnership.

Leanne and Ash ( fantastic to see in the kit and playing) I probably messed about a bit asking left footed players to play Right defence but just got on with it superbly.

Jenna and Anette ( who again played different positions ) hold the midfield well especially when they stay central.

Twinkle and Sarah are two of the best wingers in the league and were definitely coups getting them to play for us so I still think we need to use them more in taking players on with the skills they have.

Becky and Steph today I thought brought the midfield together creating that link between defence and attack.

Andrea Sophie Marta Shannon and Jane ( as well as Ash and Anette) we’re superb in being shifted around still working so hard for the team and probably suffered the most in terms of minutes played.

We keep talking about all of our many progression and there are many and the list grows every week. One of the biggest this season is we are now a squad and not just a team something we need to be.

Every game we play will be different in terms of how it evolves and it is our squad who will ensure that we are not only competitive but also successful.

#lovefootballwithstpetersladiesfcme. Xx


St Peters Ladies 0 – 7 St Pauls Ladies

Well done soldiers x

In some ways today’s game was as frustrating as last weeks game but for different reasons.

Take one player off the St Paul’s team sheet and we were the better team today.

Ignoring a 0-7 score line (that includes the giving of a penalty to them by a very bias refereeing call) which does not reflect the game. At the time of the pen we were on top for the next 20 mins after the pen we were on top.

Second half again we were an equal in open play and pushed them back as much as they pushed us without scoring the goals our play deserved.

We are getting to understand more our formations and roles within that formation so it’s more frustrating that we are not getting a result that reflects our hard work and commitment .

I believe in you and believe it will happen sooner rather than later so believe in yourselves x

Whilst we had some stand out displays from Katy in midfield and Aimee at the back (we just need the talking to be as positive as the defending play our Aimee) amongst others I must mention most Anette who definitely took one for the team marking C A and was outstanding in that role .

Grouville next week followed by St Johns are games that should better reflect how far we have come.

#lovefootballwithstpetersladiesfcme. Xx

St Peters Ladies 1 – 2 JWFC Ladies

Soldiers xx Proud of you all today. Against a team that would normally boss you out of the game we not only stood our ground but in my opinion also were by far the better team for the majority of the game.

Losing 1-2 is frustrating especially in the manner of the defeat in having a good goal given by the ref then overruled by a JWFC club linesman very late with a flag with the score at 1-1 then conceding the winner in the last 5 mins.

Losing 1-2 is frustrating for you as individual players in how you think about your own individual performances.

For us all as a team in how we think about our team shape formation and tactics and the implications for those roles.

For me as manager and Matt as coach. Could we have done something different or advised differently. Should we have made that change or not made it, used the right player or a different player?

But let’s look big picture. We continue our learning curve so will learn from the above.

In reality we have assembled a great squad and unlike last season where we had to rely on the bare 11 we are now a squad which means more changes throughout each game and throughout the season I believe this is a good thing but along the way we will get some things right and some things wrong

We are adapting to a new formation and the roles within it. This will take time. I know it is the right one for us but along the way we will get some things right and some things wrong

We have a wider range of players in our squad and need to see them in game situations to make it work best for the team in the end. This means changes in a game along the way we will get some things right and some things wrong.

Although we learn a little from our successes we learn a lot more from our mistakes.

Today’s result and scoreline was a disappointment but the performance certainly was not.

This time last season we were looking to score a goal this season we are disappointed when we don’t win a game.. That’s progress soldiers!!!

Congratulations to Twinkle scoring our first goal of this season. This will not be our only goal of the season, Twinkle will not be our only goal scorer . We lost today’s game, this will not be our only loss this season but this is a season where we will also Win games .

Everything we do this season we continue to do as a team wether that be on the pitch in the dugout from the stands or the old bloke screaming from the managers area and the young man running the line.

Well done today soldiers x

#lovefootballwithstpetersladiesfcme xx


The 2012/13 Season Report from Coach Tony Hoyland…

Thoughts vs St John and the Season

Having completed our first season back after a 10 year absence, we have been thumped a couple of times and been very competitive in some matches. We have won and lost but regardless we have definately evolved over the course of the season into a good football team that will only get better.

With a great blend of youth and experience (including players who have gone onto establish themselves in the ladies island squad), we learn from every game we play.

With great coaching this season that will get better next season, (as we add to the management team), I believe we have an ethos of enjoying our football. We have great camaraderie that is now more and more an important part of our team and ensures a laugh is never far away!


I think all our players have been tremendous and I take great pride in being the manager, coach, first aid person, administrator, groundsman, the person who opens up and locks up and sweeps the changing rooms once you have gone……………!

It would have been nice to finish (results-wise) on a high as I do believe this was a ‘winnable game’ but the final result of  a 3-0 defeat, in a game spoilt by the referee, does reflect how far we have come.

Second half especially, we were competitive and played well as a team. A complete contrast to the disjointed first half, where a lot of times we beat ourselves even before the opposition got to the ball.

It might sound strange but for me as manager, scorelines, results and league tables have not really mattered this season.

Of course it has hurt sometimes, been frustrating sometimes, and on one (A BIG ONE) occasion it has been incredibly joyous. What has mattered, is what we have achieved.

It takes a lot to be the new team in a league but we have carried that mantle and survived the season, so well done, respect and pride, xxx.

The dedication and commitment from the core of the team to turn up week in and week out, to train and play, gives us a core to build on even when results have gone against us.

Our young players have been thrown in at the deep end and forced to play longer and harder than their learning curve should have been at this stage, but they now show the benefit of that enforced learning journey and will be better players for us next season as a result.

I believe every player has improved all at different rates appropriate to their need and confidence. For some it has been slow and steady, for some it has been a journey of exploration through the stars, but that’s how it should be in a team. We are all different but we are all the same.

Personally I want to thank you all. I resigned from the position of Jersey Woman’s Representative Team Manager basically because I had nothing to do for 95% of the season. Working with the cream of the islands players is special but I can honestly say working with you has made me a better coach and manager and given me back the game I love xx

I look forward to our continued journey, (this means I expect you all back next season despite the requests you will get from other teams to play for them). For as much as the cream of the islands players are special, as a team (and I include all of our squad), St Peters Ladies FC are diamonds. It’s my job to polish and shape but the diamond has to be there as you are.

Pre-season we strengthen and add to the squad and next season we will shine as polished diamonds earn the right to………. now where are my coaching books? It’s time to plan for next season!

#lovefootballwithstpetersladiesfcme. Xxx

Thoughts on our game vs St Paul’s in the cup semi- final…….

Thoughts on cup semi final. Forget the result but use the game as another learning experience

Mixed emotions.

For the first 15 mins we were well in the game and creating chances whilst closing St Paul’s down in all areas.

Then we spend 30 mins gifting them 3 goals and conceding another that was a well taken header.

Not doing the simple basics will cost us and if we don’t defend goal side why are we surprised that the opposition get away from us???

With whole unit Cavalry charges forward, (straight out of the Charge of the Light Brigade) why are we surprised they have free players in acres of space when they regain possession???

Group discussions after a move, why are we surprised when they restart the game and we are out of position???

We are better than this!!!!

Second half much better. Whilst we still conceded the same number of goals again as the first half it was a better performance in team shape and commitment to winning the ball apart from the unconstructive talking.

As we have progressed as a team over the course of a season, and we undoubtably have, we must not lose what we had in the beginning in terms of support for each other and turn frustration into criticism.

Standing on the touch line I know no player went through today’s game without making mistakes often more than one mistake. But to make the mistake we had to be there and be involved in that moment which is a positive we had to make the run or pass or attempt the pass or tackle when it doesn’t come off acknowledge the effort that has gone into being there and attempting the right things rather than the mistake itself!!.

We lost 8-0 but if we learn why we lost we get something out of the game.

For me positives include:

  • Chantelle outstanding in goal and without a shadow of doubt the best GK on the island in ladies football.
  • Leanne gaining in confidence to make forward runs from the back.
  • Katy back playing to her strengths great performance today for the team on the left and right.
  • Anette taking one for the team in spending the full game one on one with the one player who makes a difference.
  • Niamh taking one for the team which will result in black eyes tomorrow no doubt.
  • Andrea playing a lone role up front.
  • Everyone looking like a team in the track suits, well done Tracey.

One game left so let’s turn that frown upside down. Learn from today. Get up to training this week Monday and Wednesday and be ready for our final game this season vs St John and finish on a high.

St John ……. is a winnable game!!!!!

Still… #lovefootballwithstpetersladiesfcme.

Tony Hoyland


Game vs First Tower United 1-0 L

Not only a bare bones 11 but an eleven where some players should not have played 90 mins but did so for the cause.

An outstanding performance. Superb team shape and discipline in the formation and tactics. Incredible work rate in covering each other and supporting each other coupled with our consistent enthusiasm to play for the team.

Losing 1-0 to a team second in the league and to the scruffiest of goals midway through the second half and being annoyed about it shows how far we have come and is testament to how good you have become individually and collectively.

Although I could name all players as brilliant as you were I will mention Steph would went in goal and performed with confidence and assurance and Leanne for getting the recognition she deserves by the island management.

If we want to learn compare our last two games. When we get tight and win our tackles we immediately nullify the strengths and dangers of our opposition, when we drop off or miss our tackles, we get hurt.

Remember this it might come in handy in our next game!

Well done today.


Game vs St John Ladies 2-0 L

A strange night and game.

A massive positive was the way we approached the game with a new found confidence from our first win.

Our team shape was really good our fitness levels more than matched St. John our enthusiasm and commitment to the game first class.

Why then did we lose 2-0?

Unlike us, a night when we didn’t win our tackles. Even when we didn’t make the first tackle we had a covering player but the second tackle wasn’t won either or the third on some occasion.

Reflecting on the goals, on the first occasion we didn’t attempt to make the tackle resulting in a looping hit that even surprised the scorer when it went in. On the second occasion a superb strike but from a player who had created a yard by winning three consecutive tackles.

As we continue our journey each step is a learning curve, confidence good team shape commitment and enthusiasm but lets also add winning our tackles..

JWFC Ladies 0-1 St Peters Ladies. Sophie Long 53min

Well … We only went and WON one !!!!

An outstanding TEAM performance today. The fully deserved scenes of jubilation at the end of the game were only as a result of the effort and commitment that has gone in all season.

Remember this feeling as to have it again we now know what is required.

Well done each and every one of you PROUD of you all xx.

This was a game that proved we are an equal to most of the teams around us. In a game where the scoreline could quite easily have been 0-4 we dominated all areas of the pitch.

Chantelle was again impressive when called on.

Niamh Anette Tracey and Leanne (plus Aimee who was missing today) continue to be collectively the best back 4 / 5 in the league.

Katy and Steph both had outstanding games in wide midfield positions and Marta and Birthday Becky were the heart of the team commanding the centre midfield.

Our biggest area of growth today came from Andrea and Sophie who became a strike force worthy of leading the line as they worked together throughout the game.

When called upon Sasha Angelika and Caroline worked tirelessly for the team and continued the movement and flow we had created.

The game today was encapsulated in one moment of play between Chantelle Leanne Katy and Andrea that resulted in the ball starting in our box from some great team defending and ending just inches wide the wrong side of the JWFC Post that was pure pass and move football at its best.

Play like this every game and we could easily win one……..oh hang on WE DID!!!!



Final score


Game vs St Paul’s Ladies Lge 9-1 L

As we have said throughout this season some games we have to view as learning curves in our development as a squad and team.

That learning curve is a two way process for you as players and for me as the manager and coach.

So whilst you think about what went well and you will keep and what didn’t work that you will change I will think about how we play.

In terms of development we have got to experience playing in different positions to become aware of the roles of our teammates and the runs they have to make and subsequently the passes they need to receive. We cannot just become a team of “I play …… and cannot play anywhere else”, more a team of “my favoured position is ..”.

But that is my call and subsequently my fault if it doesn’t work.

Today I will hold my hands up and say the changes I made at half time and the positions I asked players to play didn’t work and as a result we were disjointed second half.

One thing we cannot do is dwell on the result just learn from it.

So big picture we lost today 9-1 but notice the 1 on the end as for the second game in a row we scored (beautifully taken pen by Tracey).

First half we might have been 3-0 down but take one player out of the scenario and we were equals, add her and our learning curve is to mark tighter something Annette did excellently after we changed things. Chantelle continues to prove herself the best GK on the island in ladies football. Ash finally managed to get a game we have missed her and along with Steph and Becky make us stronger. She will disagree but Leanne’s first half performance sees her continue to evolve into a fantastic attacking full back.
I love Niamh’s attitude to the game and her little quips 🙂

Everyone named and unnamed continues to play their part in our development.

Second half we didn’t adjust to my changes and as a result lost some self confidence.

We came into the game on a high due to our previous performances to be disappointed in losing to the team running away with the league in the manner of our second half continues to prove we know we are becoming a good team

Did I say once again We scored another goal 🙂 🙂 🙂


St Peters Ladies  vs First Tower Ladies

Due to circumstances another bare bones 11 but anything but a bare bones performance.

We scored!! Well done Andrea and for 20 minutes we led the game .

Conceding 2 goals before half time but still in the game, things might have been ominous for the second half but the one thing we have now is the ability to work hard.

Everyone contributed to a magnificent performance and the development of Individuals is obvious and in the team we grow with every kick of the ball.

2 goals conceded in the last 10 mins of a game, (when we were playing with 10 on the field and one off injured), gives the impression of a different game. We know better!

We learn together. We learn how to play as a team and the expectations of different roles within the team. I have learnt the first aid kit needs make up wipes for mascara that is not waterproof when playing in the rain!


Thanks Tony

Thoughts on Match vs St Paul’s

Playing a team that absolutely mauled us to bits just a few short weeks ago with a bare bones skeleton 11, are the type of games we now see as a challenge to our capabilities rather than something to fear.

Forget the 5-0 scoreline, I am not bothered about that. The things I evaluate are our development steps in terms of progressing as a football team.

We now have shape and positional discipline especially in the way we defend. Just ask Chantelle, Niamh, Aimee, Anette, Nardine and Leanne. But not just the defence, also across the middle. If a player moves out of position we are now covering that move the way it should be done. This was highlighted last night by Sasha and Angelika, who are not natural central midfielders but grafted their socks off for the team, (that’s not to say we all didn’t graft!)

We continue to develop forward movements with supporting runs and while players from other clubs cheat in their covering movements we don’t, so it is hard graft! Just ask Katy and Marta and Andrea.

Score lines results and league tables do not reflect our progressions but the comments made about our performances do and people are now recognising our developments, so take the credit where it is due.


Thoughts on match vs St John

After Thursday’s performance we had to build on the good things and also learn from the bad. That is something I think we did well on the day.

Again a bare bones 11. We gained from Tracey’s presence in the team but lost Nardine, which meant we had to continue playing people out of their recognised role. In terms of development this is a good thing but in terms of consistency it is inevitably hurting us.

The defensive element to our game in my humble opinion is second to none across the whole of ladies football on the island. We defend collectively as a team and individually rise to the challenge each time we play.

We now need to ensure that we begin taking teams on in their half and forget the fear of going forward but embrace it as the next phase of our development. I think we began doing this first half and only being 1-0 down at HT and having had opportunities to attack in the game it was nicely balanced.

Second half we struggled to get out of our half but were still dominant in defence until a 3 min spell in which we conceded 2 quick goals. Although we regrouped and defended, the game was now out of sight with a final score of 3-0. Therefore it is our first half performance we need to replicate.

It’s about small steps that we learn from along our journey. I continue to say this season scores and results don’t matter. There will be a time when they become part of the journey but never a time when they are the whole of the journey! It’s about how we perform and what we learn from each performance that counts.

It’s an emotional game and at the end of 90 mins you might not see how far you have come and might believe you are much further away from being a complete team than you are.

Trust ‘Big T’ when I say we have made fantastic progressions already this season. I might not know a lot about some things but I know an awful lot about football and team development and progression!  Our first league goal will lift us to our first win will propel us forward. Lets see if we can get both in our next game.


Game 7 JWFC vs St Peters 4-0

Extremely proud of our performance vs JWFC. In my opinion this was the best we have played as a football team in terms of team shape and movement.

We begin to look and play like the great team we continue to and will evolve into.

A 4-0 scoreline does not reflect how much we were both an equal to our opposition but also in phases were the better team with JWFC last 3 goals coming at the very end of the game.

If we are to learn anything from the game it has to be how to handle the gamesmanship of the opposition and the decisions (right or wrong) of the referee.

One of our strengths from the very beginning and will always be is our togetherness and cameraderie.

At the moment we lose as a team in the future we will win draw and sometimes lose as a team but will be a team. We cannot make it easy for our opposition by letting decisions and circumstances control our emotions and subsequently our performances individually and collectively.

How we react to anything during the game defines us. We have to consider all aspects keep the good learn from the bad then bin it mentally accept the decision and get on with the game.

We put ourselves through this week in week out because we enjoy playing the game lets make sure WE do just that enjoy ourselves and enjoy the game no matter what the result.

Game 6 Vs JWFC Ladies  Lge 0-3 L
Whilst our last game was a harsh harsh lesson in the difference between a well established team and a new team starting out, today was a reminder that we quickly learn and continue to become a better and stronger team.

Despite the 0-3 defeat it is a scoreline that cannot hide how much we were part of this game.

0-2 down at HT due to mistakes on our part rather than creativity from the opposition, we could easily have gone in on level terms. Conceding the third goal in the final 10 mins again showed how much we we in the second half.

We continue to become stronger as part of a collective team rather than individual units.
Whilst we missed Niamh and Sophie, in a game of collective good performances I believe Jolene adds to the quality of our defense and Leanne was outstanding in her new role.

Today we gave ourselves a nice little Christmas present of a performance that we know was good, the results will come even as soon as Thursday January 17th our next game vs JWFC or the following Sunday 20th vs First Tower.

Lets commit and work hard to make it happen. We are a good team and deserve to be in the mix with the other good teams.

Game 5 Vs St Paul’s 0-14 L – League

Got my cup of tea and tin of chocolate and sit hear under the bed refusing to come out!

Today was a harsh harsh lesson in the difference between an established team and one just starting out, too harsh in a 14-0 defeat that does not indicate what positives there were for us in the game.

No excuses as we were beaten by a far stronger team but in the context of missing 6 of our more established players it could have been worse!

As our journey continues we will get stronger and there will be more highs than lows, like today, but there will still be lows so we need to use them as learning experiences.

Highs from today come in the form of our fitness levels to go 90 mins. Chantelle is the best GK in Ladies Football this season. Niamh and Anette continue to be outstanding in defense. Katy is evolving into a midfield force Andrea will add to the quality of the team (we need to sort that calf muscle out!) Sophie and Ali continue to grow in confidence and will trouble defenses as the season rolls on. Iona continues to believe in herself and when she does she beats players Sasha and Leanne get stronger in the tackle and as players in their first season of senior football Aisha and Angelika have the potential to be good good players.

Wait a minute start coming out from under the bed that was our team today!

Add Leanne Nardine Aimee Tracey Jolene and Marta and we have a squad that will experience highs more than lows. Bring in a couple more and we will be good enough to compete in every game we play.

We have things we need to continue to learn especially in turnovers and how we react and recover and working within the roles of the position we are playing but as we stick with it that will become embedded.

I continue to believe in you so continue to believe in yourselves as individual players and as a collective team.

Game 4 vs First Tower 4-0 L – League

Our first league game as a team. Our learning curve continues and as we gain more experience we continue to improve individually and as a team.

From our previous performance we discussed the need to ensure we matched the effort and movement of our opposition, something we failed to do in the first half and as a result left ourselves with too much to do when out of possession in terms of regaining it back.

If you give any team time on the ball and don’t make the effort to close down or tackle they will hurt you and 3-0 down at half time tells us how often we failed to do this! Cue the halftime team talk!

Second half we more than matched an experienced team, continuing to get to grips with the roles we need to play in order for the team to be collectively strong. We defend strongly but unfortunately center-mid is our ‘achilles heel’ and because of our enthusiasm to close the ball down, instead of holding our shape across the midfield, we are still learning to attack.

Missing from the penalty spot is a habit I would prefer we changed! At 3-1 we could have been back in the game and increased our own confidence levels but to again only concede one further goal second half confirms the improvements we made as the game went on.

I have every confidence it will happen for us when we believe in ourselves. At the start of the season we said it would take 6 or 7 games to become a team and we are only 4 games down that road. I know individually and collectively we have the players with the ability to do well and as we add the experience and learn from the games we play, we will become the team we deserve to be.

Game 3 vs First Tower 7-1 L – Cup
A game that was a good learning curve to remind us we must work as hard in every game to be successful.

It is not the errors as they will happen in every game it’s how we react to them! We scored a goal!!! And after that realised we can attack as well. However to be this self critical 3 games into a journey shows how much we believe in our capabilities.

Game 2 vs St Paul’s 0-6 L Cup
Missing two of our more experienced players again an immense performance. As we reflect we will come to realise how we’ll we played against the strongest ladies squad on Jersey this season.

The work rate to close down and get tackles in was outstanding throughout the team especially first half. As we tired (which is only natural as we only have two games under our belt, and both on such a BIG pitch) we gave ourselves more to do to close down and this is when we conceded goals we won’t concede in ten games time.
As manager I believe individual players were excellent at adapting when asked to play in different positions even when they felt lost.

The thing to remember is we are on a journey. We are now two steps along the road and in these steps have improved so much.

Our first goal and first win are not too many steps down the road.

Game 1 vs Jersey Wanderers 0-3 L – Cup
An immense performance when put into context that whilst everyone else is starting a new season as an established team this was our first game together.

Our goal was to create a benchmark performance that we can build upon individually and collectively as a team and we did that in abundance. 2-0 down at HT to two very well taken individual goals might have made other teams fold, to only concede 1 further goal in the second half speaks volumes. Proud manager!

Head Coach:

Tony Hoyland