The Academy is the mini, colt and junior section of St Peter F.C., one of the oldest and most well established football clubs in Jersey. We have around 24 coaches and over 15 teams across all age groups from 6 to Under 18.

Here at The Academy, we believe that football is more than just a game. We believe it to be something that can bring people together and teach important values that can be taken into everyday life.

That’s why we’re proud of our five values which are at the heart of everything we do: teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship.

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Latest Academy News:

Great News for all young Island. Footballers age 5 to 13 inclusive. Southampton FC will be returning to St Peter FC ( St Georges Preparatory School facility) from the 9th to the 13th August 2021 to run a 5 day coaching course.

Gillingham FC  At St Peter we’ve have an operational link with Gillingham Football Club, what does this mean you may ask, we send players of various ages to gain the experience on what it is like to be involved with a professional environment. We also have various coaches visit us in Jersey and who run various sessions for  players and coaches, so we are all learning together and benefiting from professional mentors.

Philosophy Behind Team Selection and Academy Aims

The age of the participants is a huge factor in how a session should be structured and what content it should include. It is too often the case that coaches view younger players as undersized adults and coordinate sessions that represent this manner of thinking. Not only are the majority of the players not biologically or technically equipped for such sessions, they are also not psychologically prepared to perform such tasks. There is a major difference between what a young player seeks to gain from a session compared to that of an adult. At the St Peter F.C. Academy we accept this and as a result our coaches structure the session accordingly. The time line below highlights how players’ aims and their process of thinking develops through the years, therefore establishing what the coaches at St Peter’s Academy main emphasis should be during sessions:

Minis: Up to 9 years old: Training for FUN – The participants engage in football for enjoyment and many just wish to kick a ball, they are uninterested in their role as a holding player, in a midfield unit or how they can interact with another striker. Whilst learning the basic and fundamentals within the game of football.

Girls Training: We now train a group of Girls only, aged from 9-13 giving them the chance to learn the rules and skills within football in a happy fun environment. They learn but aren’t under any pressure, with the main emphasis on Enjoyment.

Minis to Under 9’s to 13 years old: Training to LEARN – Players have now established a love for the sport and look to build on the fun aspects by learning various techniques that will allow them to progress onto the next stage. Session satisfaction is obtained through learning to do something new. Commonly regarded as the ‘golden age of learning’ for children.

Under 13’s and Under 14 years old: Training to IMPROVE and BEGIN TO COMPETE but only in the Cup competitions – Players wish to improve on the basis that they already have and find greater satisfaction out of sessions. They are gaining the confidence that their abilities have improved. However still at this age in weekly fixtures it’s about development and not just about winning.

Under 15’s-16 upwards to 18’s: Training to COMPETE – Players now wish to win within a competitive setting as they now compete in a League format and also cup competitions. Therefore, training is based around continuing the learning process but also aimed at gaining success on the pitch. Players enjoy sessions that lead to the feeling of potential or actual victory from playing technically good football.

At all age group’s we encourage our players to play the game in the right spirit showing respect for officials and the competition. We emphasise that football is a team game with players playing for each other. Even the most outstanding of individuals are dependent on other members of the team.

These variables are not independent of each other. For many players’ fun will always remain the foundations of their participation, they will incorporate the other elements as well but they will provide less significance for them. Other players may naturally, or forcibly, accelerate through the stages before players of a similar age. This could be down to technical ability or pressure from peers and family, that they find themselves in a win or lose environment before they should be. It is the job of a coach to recognize when certain individuals are ready to step up from playing for fun to playing for competition. After all the worst-case scenario is that the talented player forgets why football was fun and quits before their full potential is realised. Therefore, at St Peter’s Academy we normally only run one team beyond the Under 14 age group upwards and begin to play and train for competition; however, we still incorporate learning, development and fun.

Parents: Play a big part in the development of the players during their years in our Academy, so they must adhere to the club’s rules and promote sportsmanship to all. They must support every player and understand it’s the coach who has the responsibility for the team and all individuals in that team. If you have a few hours to spare each week during the football season and would like to be part of our management team, we would love to hear from you. Your assistance will help us to do an even better job. Please contact either Rui Marques ( or any coach or Committee member.

Rui Maques – St Peter FC Academy Head Coach