Academy Philosophy & Player Development

Every group of players within the Academy will be coached and encouraged to play with skill, passion, and intelligence. We will coach a possession-oriented game of football in which we will attempt to build the ball up from the back, where pass quality combined with intelligent and timely support and movement lead to progress and penetration through the thirds of the field to provide goal-scoring opportunities.   The Academy’s game style will be an “indirect style” of play as opposed to a direct style of play football. In short, we will avoid random (and sometimes mindless) kicking of the ball; rather, we will encourage our players to be creative in facing the multitude of challenges that the game presents at any given time.


While we demand that our players strive to be the best every time they take the field for training or a game, winning is NOT the primary objective for the Academy coaching team. Our primary objective is centred around, and driven by, our goal of developing players in a competitive, enjoyable environment. 
To achieve this objective, we must allow players to make mistakes even if we lose games in doing so. This is the only way the coaching staff can analyse those mistakes, help our players correct them, and ask them to try again the next time
In short, if our players are not allowed to make mistakes then they are not allowed to develop. We believe that winning games will ultimately be a by-product of our ability to develop well-rounded footballers. Therefore, winning every game is not our primary objective and will NOT be how we measure our success.

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Philosophy & Development