Academy Teams

Coaches List for 2017 / 18 Season (last updated 2nd October 2017)

  • Under 18           – Ian Soloman, Rogerio Soares, 
  • Under 16           – Karl Benest, Rui Marques
  • Under 15           –  Anthony Lister
  • Under 14           – Aaron Peel
  • Under 13           – Ian Soloman
  • Under 12  A&B  – Barry Beatson , Alan Martin
  • Under 11 A        – Paul Kemp
  • Girls                   – Ian Solman
  • Minis                  – Mike Horman, Paul Kemp  and Andrew Morris
  • Goalkeepers      – Colin Pack and John Medcalf

Part of our vision is to train, develop, qualify and support more innovative coaches who are excellent teachers of:

  • The game of football itself, including technique and decision making
  • The values that we hope to see our young players take into the rest of their lives

Our ultimate objective is to create a coaching environment that encourages young players to develop their technique, creativity and understanding of the game in a friendly arena with a family atmosphere, while learning and developing values and interpersonal skills that are vital in the outside world.

In summary, we teach our coaches to coach the whole person and not just the footballer.

If you’re interested in becoming a coach at The Academy, we’d love to hear from you. Similarly if you’d like to hear more about what we do, or if you have any questions, just get in touch with Ian Soloman, using the details below:

St Peter FC Academy,  Director of Coaching October 2016
Tel 01534 498402