Under 14 v Grouville match report

St Peter U14 A v Grouville – Sunday 13th November 2016

A lovely Indian summer, mild & sunny afternoon for this epic encounter.

The St Peter squad turned up with big smiles and looking rather smart
in their new club tracksuits and boy did they play for the club and the
badge during the match.

The boys had a good, lengthy pre-match team talk with a new formation
being unveiled for the first half. The boys were set up with a 3-5-2
formation to allow freedom on the ball whilst stifling the oppositions

We started slow as normal despite the team talk warning them to start
from the first whistle. Will they never learn……..

It was a cagey first 10 minutes but Grouville took the lead with a long shot
that was presented to them on the outside of the box from a string of ricochets
off legs.

This still didn’t wake us up and after defending deep with another 10 minutes
we managed to break away and get a corner. The usual shout from Coach ‘The Voice’
Lister of ‘Have a shot Luke’ came from the sidelines and he didn’t disappoint. Luke
curled a lovely corner straight into the goal 1-1.

We started to find the balls over the top into the channels for Danny & Thomas to
run onto and soon after Danny ‘Magician’ Fernandes ran away only to have his
goal ward shot cleared off the line by a desperate lunge from the defender.

We were still struggling to cope with long balls in defense and we were sitting off them
in midfield. This caused Grouvilles second goal with another hopeful shot this time
deflecting off one of our defenders straight into the strikers path and he couldn’t miss
despite our newly Island capped goalkeeper Joe ‘the Cat’ Harrington getting a finger to it.

Just before half time Grouville had another break away and we couldn’t live with the pace
of the striker despite Malo ‘Bolt’ Le Brun catching up with every stride but ran out of time.

We could quite easiliy have dropped our heads but a rousing half time team talk put the
lads on course for a tremendous display.

Formation changed back to 4-4-2 the boys went out knowing their jobs and how much this
match meant with such fantastic support from the parents. Surely it was a sell out, best
crowd of the season and with a match on the pitch opposite parents we’re in danger of
getting on the pitch and playing themselves.

The boys started the game as they should have started the first half, they were now up for it.
Max ‘solid’ Dupres and Malo now were controlling the back 4 and with Patrick ‘Psycho’ Gouge
(this is a compliment as to the way that he played like Stuart Pearce and not that he was
‘mental’ during the game!!) was up and down and meeting the ball head on every time it came
within 20 feet of him – What a performance. I think the winger is still in Patrick’s pocket and he took
him to school with him this morning.

Anyway, the pressure was telling with Harry ‘Rocket Shot’ Brady shooting from range many times and hitting the
cross bar and a few defenders back sides to boot. In the end it was Danny who again broke away
after some great work from a new number 9 Thomas ‘Never give up’ Rowlands. Thomas won the ball on the half way
and thread a lovely ball through to Danny who ran onto it and it was never in questions, beat the
defender for pace and strength then gave the keeper the eye and slotted it home in the low
far corner 3-2.

Not long after Luke ‘the engine’ Lister put a great ball through from midfield and Danny was
unleashed again only to have his shot saved by the keeper.

Danny again was put through by Luke but this time he was down the wing and he crossed
beautifully with his left peg and Harry ran deep from mid-field and timed it perfectly to run onto
it and shot just over.

This was now one sided and if it was a boxing match it would have been stopped.

It was just a matter of time for the equalizer and then it would be how many do we win by.

Then it came, a cross from Luke and Thomas met the ball and got it into the goal. Thoroughly deserved
for Thomas and the team. 3-3

Playing all the game in the Grouville half and with football being football you know what happened next,
Grouville broke away and they found themselves in the box with the ball about to be struck for a goal…..but
Malo came from no where and make a game saving tackle taking the ball away from the striker, amazing
stuff but wait, with Malo’s tackle being the last second the striker kicked out and with the ball not being
there he kicked the floor and fell over. The ref blew his whistle. Penalty! Unbelievable fortune that we
and certainly Malo didn’t deserve. What can you do. We have to abide by the ref’s decision. 4-3

This unjust decision just spurred the boys on more and shot after shot reined in on the Grouville goal.
Even Patrick the right back was getting in on the act with a half line shot not far away.

Danny again got into a one on one with the keeper and you’d put your house on him scoring
and of course he delivered. 4-4

Thomas put Danny into a shooting position again and it was just wide.

Corner after corner came with Luke shooting from the corner from the right hand side
and Danny shooting from the left hand side. With these 2 taking corners its like having
a freekick on the edge of the box.

Josh ‘the nibble’ Brown was nibbling away at everyone’s ankles all game and was an unsung hero.

If we could have carried on playing then the goals would have come but unfortunately the whistle
came and the game ended 4-4.

A team huddle at the end showed the boys have the St Peter team spirit and this will carry
them far this season. Maybe it was the tracksuits or the support but boy did this team
show that they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Roll on next game 27th November against St Brelade at LQ in the cup.

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