Under 14’s B v Brelades report

St Peters U14B V St Blelades U14A

1st half:
There was significant improvement in the players since the last game
we got out of the block really quick with a 2 goals in the first 10mins
S Brelades got back in the game with a goal on the 15min mark.
In the first half it was a end to end game. 5-4half time score to St Peters B.
first half hat trick from Temour.
2nd half:
2nd half was abit like the first half but both team defender really well and made it hard
for both team to score.
we tried something new, which was playing out of the back four and playing through the thirds. They listen to what we said and played with a lot of confidence. Despite conceding few goal.
They play some beauitful fooball , passing and movement to play space for there team mates.

Will Skeet
Very Pleased with his performance
especially playing in goal as we had NO keeper, he never looked out of place once, always talking to the back four.
Made lots of good saves

The Back four in
Daniel, Max, Alfie K and Douglas,
never gave up one bit. Listen to what we said about passing it thought the midfield

Midfield in
Sid, Sean, Tom R, Tom C
worked there heart out never gave up on helping the back four out when needed
to help play from the back.
Sean and Tom C never stop running always help the RB and LB

UP Front
Temour, Alfie S
Never stopped running always on the move,
Temour score a hat trick in the first 30min of the match, could of got 5-6.
Alfie S hit a volly at the edge of the box and just missed as he was getting closed down.

Will G:
Played well when we come on. Listen to what we told me about just sitting in front of the back four to give other player to get forward.

Final score:
St Peters B 7 – St Brealdes A 6

Thank you to the parents for your amazing support.
Please carry on supporting the club and the players until the end of the season.


Karl & Rui

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