Under 15s Win the Cup Final

Well done team for the good performance put at Springfield. A magical win against JTC Jersey Wanderers for the Dave Melton Memorial Trophy.

A thrill and intensive game “not suitable for faint hearted people”.

The defence Tom, Jack, Kay and Calum was solid but sadly Calum Huckerby got injured on the first half being replaced by Jay that also did really well. At midfield superb performance from Olavo, Dan, Charlie, James, Afonso, up front unstoppable Sol at its best doing a Hat-Trick and Josh at its best doing some outstanding savings especially in the last minutes of the second half by doing amazing savings keeping us on the game and the rolling subs Toby, Callum, Hugo and Alfie also at they best. A player which was there but did not played cause the team was allowed five rolling subs and I took six, well done for being supportive Oliver De Miguel.

Well done Wanderers players for the good game, they played really well.
A big well done to all for the effort put in to the game and making history by wining this Under 15’s cup for the 1st time also a big thanks to the club, family’s, supporters and friends of the club for all your support.