U16 Match report – 9th Mar 2014

Well the boys turned up and ready to play there 1st game for 6 weeks, with all the 15’s Star Trophy winners smile’s were a plenty. Welshy and Colin gave the boy’s a good warm up on a glorious Sunny Sunday morning. The team was selected and the game plan set out and isn’t so nice that every player from Pacman through to Channy even Conor who never got on, when called on they played for the team. At The back Demps and Luke were Solid and through the middle Jason and Jack played some decent footy. The midfield were well supported by Dan and Liam whipping in some great cross’s. The 1st goal came from a fantastic ball knocked in by Liam, thier keeper coundn’t keep hold of it, a bit of a melee and on his 2nd attempt Little Tom banged it home 1-0 h/t. Job only 1/2 done our boy’s(young men) came out still focused on getting the right result yong Joe and Archie had a go and did not look out of place one bit. We kept on pressing but still kept solid at the back. Then we had a freekick on the 1/2 way line Luke wet his finger tested the wind strength and fancied his chance’s wind behind, the punt went high and high then decended onto the Grouville keeper, then with sudden dip he missed it 2-0 to us. All the boys now started to belive and played some fantastic footy, then we get a corner set piece Dan gives the signal whips it in and Little Tom rose like a salmon to head it home to cap a fantastic game from him 3-0. Kyle and Jody defended from the front but all in all the team were fantastic. However they did get one goal back Joe slipped on a rabbit divet and they snook in to get a consulation goal. There big midfielder Lorne fell and hurt his sholder in the dying minutes hope he’s ok and makes a speedy recovery. But well done lads, the club parents and coaches are very happy and Proud.

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