16’s away to St Ouen in the Eric Amy

On a fantastic sunny morning up St Ouen our boys all turn up on time and with Passports ready to play St Ouen in deffence of the Eric Amy Cup which we won last season. With 5 players missing playing for the 18’s we had to reshuffle our lads but still looked very solid. The game began with Burty boy in goal but the lads to be fare passed and moved the ball around pitch quite well. Within a minute we scored through Archie and then thought it would be a stroll. Far from it St Ouen defended strongly as a unit while our lads became a bit unsure, then a long ball over the top from St Ouen, which caught up napping Jack couldn’t clear and it’s 1-1, let’s panick or play football, thankfully it was the latter. Futher goals came from Jake Prince with a solid header, two more from two players whom had fantastic solid all round games Nelson Hugo and Jake Huckerby. The game finished 4-1 and to be fare  it could of been bigger but we’re into the next round v St Paul’s in Feburary. Well done all the players who played and Thanks to Mark Borer for his clean sheet,many thanks to St Ouens for a hard fought fare game.

Next up St Clements away on Sunday 12th October.

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