16’s Golf Report

On Sunday the 16’s squad had a friendly golf morning thanks to all who played (or should I rephrase that Had a go !) Trophies were presented and kindly donated from Jon of C.I.Engravers the best trophy providers in the Channel Islands Thanks Jon. Team Captain v Vice captain was won by Captain Jack well done to all his team. Nearest the Pin on Kestrel’s perch was Luc Scot  3ft 5 in well done, Conor and Jake you two left 20 balls in that tree on the right at that hole. Swing of the day went to Joe who’s approach on the 2nd left the ball but put the club in the neighbour’s  Tennis Court. In 1st place was Steady Michael and Archie well done just beating His dad Andy with big shoulders as he carried Colin. In Last place with a total of 66 (fresh air shots do count) shots taken and 30 of them on the 1st hole was  Conor and Demp’s but as you know it’s the taking part that counts. It was a good day more too follow now let’s take St Peter’s forward were we belong.

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