16’s home to St Paul’s

Strange game this with a few usual players missing, the so called fringe players stood up to the plate and did a fantastic job, With Luke and his defence keeping a clean sheet and got great protection from James in front of the back four, As for the game we went with the wind 1st half and just couldn’t get that break through so 0-0 ht. Words of wisdom from the coaches and the boys got there just rewards, Luc opened up the scoring and we were off followed by a solo run and finish from captain Jack, Kyle was pulling all the strings in the middle and then we had the return of the Prince who bagged a well deserved hatrick. The last goal went down to a toss of a coin, Hoody hit and Connor said he flicked it so Hoody called and lossed. 6-0 final score and well deserved with all players putting in fantastic effort, many thanks to Alan for running the line and V opening the cosy cafe. All working together making our club great to be involved with.

Next up Clements away

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