16’s Away at Sunny St Clements

This game was billed as our toughest to date and it panned out to be a good game for our lads, to be honest we controlled the game and strait from the off, set the tempo through Archie who burst down the left into the Box and smashed it home Cracker. Kyle in the middle was strong and like a conducter he pulled all the right strings, and Demps and Dan were solid a good backbone of the team. Add to that flare and pace at times we played some fantastic footy in the right way pass and move. After the break St Clements did have a go but we did stand strong, with about 20 minutes left Conor with his pace burst through and was brought down by there keeper whom had a fantastic game if it wasn’t for him the score would of been bigger. Anyway Kyle stepped up to the plate Bang top corner pick it out great Penalty. We kept the foot on the gas and got the 3rd through Jake Huckerby who when switch onto the wing got better and better and finished off with well erned goal. They got one in the minute with a long ball which caught our defenders out, but the whole team were a credit to themselves and the club.

Fantastic result big game in two weeks v Trinity might need to make a few changes. Thanks to Colin for runnining the line and not being inTIMerdated by a person who we wont Name.

See you at training Wednesday DON’T BE LATE !

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