Under 16’s win the Alex Scott Cup

U16 v Rozel Rovers cup report


Last Sunday 13th March the U16s took to the pitch at Springfield in the Alex Cory Cup Final.

The starting eleven was slightly unusual. Jo Jo starting on the left side and Mr Quinn on the bench and the “voice” not letting myself hand out shirts (which caused me much confusion). In fact the only bit that was standard was Barry helping himself to a large bacon, sausage and egg roll and not sharing!!!!!

St Peter’s did not get off to the best start, two non-pressurised defensive mistakes in the first 30 seconds almost resulted in the perfect start for Rozel.
St Peter just could not get going, Rozel where quicker to every ball and St Peter’s were taking too many touches once on the ball resulting in the breakdown of virtually all St Peter attacks.

Rozel where awarded a free kick on the right hand side of the box, their number 6 struck a slightly better than average shot which somehow ended up in the back of the net. Scored by Dan Le Perrel, the Springfield announcer reading from the wrong team sheet (probably the “voice” fault for confusing me in the first place).

It was time for a change, the substitutions where made. Mr Quinn and the machine Parrs where brought into action. Before half time Elliot went on one of his runs, all the coaches convinced he had gone too wide (“get the ball in the box”) but some how he managed to shoot across the keeper from tightest of angles and slot the ball into the right hand corner. Sol having struck the cross moments earlier.

The goal settled St Peter who had been rattled by the early pressure from Rozel. The boys began to pass the ball around like we know they can, dwelling less on the ball and shifting it quicker

Half time 1-1

After the standard “what are you doing – in a very positive manner” half time team talk, St Peter’s turned up in the second half. Mr Solomon scored the second goal for St Peter’s, that lad knows where the onion bag is, after being fouled he appeared to be stumbling backwards but still managed a deft high chip over the keeper.

St Peter’s where now beginning to dominate play the third and fourth goals coming from Mr Elliot going too wide “again” but still managing to strike the ball across the keeper.

Much to the cheers of his “male fan club”……. Mr Fossey played and absolute blinding one-two of the keeper for the machine Parrs to slot in the fifth. Which was not unnoticed by “the voice”

The voice and Barry did a great job with rotating all five subs with everyone getting as much game time as was possible.

There were some fantastic passes threaded through the channels by Max Friend who was very impressive during his time on the pitch. Jacques Antiquel also showed amazing skill with his quick feet, the defenders not knowing if they where chips or rice. Dan Le Perrell had a very solid game (apart from scoring Rozel first goal!) he just seems to always be in the right place.

St Peter’s played out the final with a passion that appeared to be missing at the start. The voice, Barry and myself are very proud of your achievements lads, but no more slow starts please…..look after your medals the first of many hopefully.

One fact for Brian. The U15s,U16s and U18s over the last twelve games (4 each) have now won 11 and drawn 1.

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