Under 18 B go to the Top

The 18 B Team played the last scheduled league fixture against St Ouen. To be fare the Ouens put up a fight and frustrated our boys. Our lads break through came mid way through the 1st half with a clever finish from Hugo, you would think we would go on from there but we still couldn’t settle. Just on 1/2 time they got a goal back, could our lads do it. We had words and tried to rally the troops and to be fare if it was a boxing match it would of got stopped, a bullet headed from Archie who had a fine game a late converted penalty by Sol gave us the points. What does this mean Rozel can get the same points and force a play off but they must beat Brealades and Trinity.

This give sour boys time to recover from some niggles and we’ll be ready to try and complete the double.

Well done to all involved.

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