18’s A continue to impress

It was a crisp foggy St Peter and our 18’s welcomed St Clement who are on their day are a good solid team. After much deliberation from the official the game went ahead and mid-way through the game the fog lifted. With a couple of players missing we still had a strong talented team to take on Clements and for 15-20 minutes the game was quite tight (well they kept us at bay).
Then in the 23rd minute our lad’s whose main focus was playing quality precision football, with the ball getting zipped across the pitch it was so good to see our lads playing pass and move as a team. Huck’s knocked it to Luc who found our young magician Sol megged one and slotted it home, Boom let the goals begin.
At the back Demp’s and Blamps controlled our defence to give Archie and Nelson licence to overlap and get forward. Yong Scanky Ben held the Midfield together by sitting in. So Jack who was fantastic as per normal, to get forward supported from the others Devo and Huck’s. Luc and Sol ran the front very well with Sol at times being that link to keep it moving and slotting the creative passes as he does.
In goal Phil was outstanding he never done much he was just on the pitch outstanding.
Goal came from every position from our goal machine Kyle bagging 4 to Huck’s who when he knuckled down was fantastic and he got a hat trick, others chipped in Archie, Luc, Peter and a bullet header from Dan Hic cup Parker.
Its show how well our lads played as 4 of the Clements lads got admitted to hospital with dizziness, jokes aside we played a marvellous, creative and a joy to watch at times, but we only get 3 points towards our goal.
A big well done to all involved and have a boss Chrimbo
Last off Thanks to Alan who ran our line, he’s a parent so this lets us coach Thank You Alan

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