18’s cup report

A lovely evening up LQ under the lights and our 18’s take on Grouville after just beating them in the league the previous Sunday. However after a few words prior to our warm up we could tell our lads looked a different team than Sundays encounter.
From the off we took the game to them and looked very sharp with our passing and we said it would only be a matter of time. Rightly so Prince took the ball into his path turned the defence and lashed into the net, we were off and running. With some wonderful interchanging passing throughout the team, the move of the match. Captain Jack slotted the ball to Sol who placed a perfectly weighted pass for Huck’s who calmly placed it pass the keeper #totalfootball. Sol quickly made it three with quick feet in the area, as he does created the extra yard to drill in the third.
We made a few changers and one was instant with Scotty banging in two making up for the 17 he missed last Sunday (only messing). But that was the best 1st half we’ve seen our lads play. Special mention to Blamps who again was fantastic and with Rhys and Dan as back they looked so solid.
Final score 5-1
All lads involved played there part and sometimes it’s nice to watch them play good footy and with the officials playing their part by just letting the lads play and talking to all players when needed.
So onwards and upwards Next up St Clements Away on the 9th

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