Everton Soccer Week 2020


Key information

  • Event: Summer soccer camp
  • Cost: £125 per player (£15 discount for St Peter F.C. players)
  • Registration: Via St Peter FC Club Website      Register & Pay Here
  • Dates: Monday 27th July to Friday 31st July 2020
  • Times: 9.30am (from 8.45am drop off) until 3pm (except for Friday when there will be an awards ceremony from 2pm onwards)
  • Sign in / out: registers are in the main club house
  • Essential Kit: football boots / shin pads / clothing appropriate for football and the weather / sun screen (kids need to be able to apply this themselves) / plenty of WATER! / packed lunch
  • Kiosk: A kiosk will be open during the week serving drinks and snacks, however we strongly urge parents to send their child daily with sufficient water and a healthy packed lunch.

Directions / Traffic Management:


  • Please click here for detailed directions to the ground.
  • It is really important to prevent traffic congestion, and to minimize any disruption for our residential neighbours. Therefore please approach the ground from the A12 (the road near the Co-op petrol station).
  • On leaving the ground you must turn right (heading to the Jackson garage, Avenue de la Reine).
  • Please adhere to the speed limit. Parish Police are aware of speeding issues in the area generally.
  • It would be appreciated if parents could arrange car-share arrangements to reduce the amount of traffic.


  • Please ensure that all players have sun screen and sufficient water for a full day’s activities in what could be very hot weather. Kids should be able to apply their own sun screen as volunteers are not able to do this on child safety grounds.
  • Players should be told before attending the event of the importance of hydration and using sun screen before the event.
  • Any medical conditions reported on the registration form have already been handed to the St Peter organizers, however if there are any additional issues / requirements please make these known on registration. Similarly, if there have been any changes to emergency phone numbers please inform the St Peter organizers at registration.
  • All children must be signed in / out each day.


  • It is important for health and safety, and also for the enjoyment of all participants that children remain well behaved throughout the sessions.
  • Poorly behaved children may be asked to leave the soccer camp. Similarly, bad language and bullying will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
  • Players must show respect to other players, Coaches and volunteers throughout the soccer camp.


  • The St Peter F.C. club house facilities (including W.C. and eating area) will be available to all attendees.
  • A kiosk will also be open during the week, so players will be able to purchase drinks and snacks.
  • Children will be able to use the clubhouse, marquee, gazebo or main stand to eat lunch or take a break.

Please note that St Peter F.C. plan to invite the media to take photographs and report on the event and your permission is requested on the registration form.