First Team Images V’s St Pauls

First team images from yesterday’s match V’s St Pauls. Unfortunately the score did not go our way (with a 1-3 defeat).

The pictures below and more besides can be purchased from Ian Paine here:

St Peter FC 2013-14 Team Photo - First Team St-Peter-FC-Premiership-First-Team-V-St-Pauls---Oct-2013---001 St-Peter-FC-Premiership-First-Team-V-St-Pauls---Oct-2013---002 St-Peter-FC-Premiership-First-Team-V-St-Pauls---Oct-2013---003 St-Peter-FC-Premiership-First-Team-V-St-Pauls---Oct-2013---004 St-Peter-FC-Premiership-First-Team-V-St-Pauls---Oct-2013---005