Important Club Statement

In view of the recent and ongoing media publicity concerning child abuse specifically concerning a professional junior football coach in England, I thought it necessary to issue this statement.
Whilst these stories are awful and distressing, it should be noted that they are historical and occurred before the more stringent controls were introduced by the English and Jersey FA a number of years ago. However we can never afford to be complacent and the personal welfare of our young players must always be our overriding responsibility. It is unfortunate that the current publicity of abuse crimes committed against young players attached to professional clubs many years ago impacts sadly by implication, adversely on the many thousands of volunteer coaches who today have to undergo stringent CRB (police checks) and personal scrutiny before they can be involved in coaching young players. They give their time, in most cases freely, to benefit hundreds of thousands of youngsters every week to learn and enjoy the game of soccer. I am confident that at St Peter FC Academy we structure the coaching and education of our young players primarily around their welfare and well being, ensuring a safe environment. As a Charter Standard Community Club we have had to achieve the highest standards in all regulated issues including child welfare and we are checked against those standards every year. We are fortunate in having such a good team of experienced coaches who are FA qualified and have submitted themselves to the necessary CRB checks. They all act under the guidance of our Head Coach Ian Solomon who in turn is responsible to the Academy Committee. We have an experienced Child Welfare Officer, Alan Williams (a former Headmaster) whose prime and overriding responsibility is to ensure we adopt best practice to safeguard the well being of each and every young player in our charge. Some of the requirements are that we should always conduct our coaching in open areas with a minimum of two coaches appointed to every squad. Our coaching sessions are indeed open to any parent of youngsters in the squad, to attend. You can be assured that we will not be complacent and we will continue to scrutinize our controls and procedures to ensure our objectives are met. We would emphasise that should any player or parent have any reason to be concerned on any matter or incident at all, they should raise it initially with the coach if appropriate, or with our Child Welfare Officer Alan Williams. I would like to say in my 18 years with the Club I have never ever heard of the remotest claim of child abuse
If further clarification on anything contained in this statement is required, please feel free to contact myself or any member of our Committee.

Brian Foulser
Chairman St Peter FC Academy
27th November 2016