Ladies End of Season Report…


Thoughts vs St John and the Season

Having completed our first season back after a 10 year absence, we have been thumped a couple of times and been very competitive in some matches. We have won and lost but regardless we have definately evolved over the course of the season into a good football team that will only get better.

With a great blend of youth and experience (including players who have gone onto establish themselves in the ladies island squad), we learn from every game we play.

With great coaching this season that will get better next season, (as we add to the management team), I believe we have an ethos of enjoying our football. We have great camaraderie that is now more and more an important part of our team and ensures a laugh is never far away!

I think all our players have been tremendous and I take great pride in being the manager, coach, first aid person, administrator, groundsman, the person who opens up and locks up and sweeps the changing rooms once you have gone……………!

It would have been nice to finish (results-wise) on a high as I do believe this was a ‘winnable game’ but the final result of  a 3-0 defeat, in a game spoilt by the referee, does reflect how far we have come.

Second half especially, we were competitive and played well as a team. A complete contrast to the disjointed first half, where a lot of times we beat ourselves even before the opposition got to the ball.

It might sound strange but for me as manager, scorelines, results and league tables have not really mattered this season.

Of course it has hurt sometimes, been frustrating sometimes, and on one (A BIG ONE) occasion it has been incredibly joyous. What has mattered, is what we have achieved.

It takes a lot to be the new team in a league but we have carried that mantle and survived the season, so well done, respect and pride, xxx.

The dedication and commitment from the core of the team to turn up week in and week out, to train and play, gives us a core to build on even when results have gone against us.

Our young players have been thrown in at the deep end and forced to play longer and harder than their learning curve should have been at this stage, but they now show the benefit of that enforced learning journey and will be better players for us next season as a result.

I believe every player has improved all at different rates appropriate to their need and confidence. For some it has been slow and steady, for some it has been a journey of exploration through the stars, but that’s how it should be in a team. We are all different but we are all the same.

Personally I want to thank you all. I resigned from the position of Jersey Woman’s Representative Team Manager basically because I had nothing to do for 95% of the season. Working with the cream of the islands players is special but I can honestly say working with you has made me a better coach and manager and given me back the game I love xx

I look forward to our continued journey, (this means I expect you all back next season despite the requests you will get from other teams to play for them). For as much as the cream of the islands players are special, as a team (and I include all of our squad), St Peters Ladies FC are diamonds. It’s my job to polish and shape but the diamond has to be there as you are.

Pre-season we strengthen and add to the squad and next season we will shine as polished diamonds earn the right to………. now where are my coaching books? It’s time to plan for next season!

#lovefootballwithstpetersladiesfcme. Xxx