Ladies Match Report


Thoughts on our game vs St Paul’s in the cup semi- final…….

Thoughts on cup semi final. Forget the result but use the game as another learning experience

Mixed emotions.

For the first 15 mins we were well in the game and creating chances whilst closing St Paul’s down in all areas.

Then we spend 30 mins gifting them 3 goals and conceding another that was a well taken header.

Not doing the simple basics will cost us and if we don’t defend goal side why are we surprised that the opposition get away from us???

With whole unit Cavalry charges forward, (straight out of the Charge of the Light Brigade) why are we surprised they have free players in acres of space when they regain possession???

Group discussions after a move, why are we surprised when they restart the game and we are out of position???

We are better than this!!!!

Second half much better. Whilst we still conceded the same number of goals again as the first half it was a better performance in team shape and commitment to winning the ball apart from the unconstructive talking.

As we have progressed as a team over the course of a season, and we undoubtably have, we must not lose what we had in the beginning in terms of support for each other and turn frustration into criticism.

Standing on the touch line I know no player went through today’s game without making mistakes often more than one mistake. But to make the mistake we had to be there and be involved in that moment which is a positive we had to make the run or pass or attempt the pass or tackle when it doesn’t come off acknowledge the effort that has gone into being there and attempting the right things rather than the mistake itself!!.

We lost 8-0 but if we learn why we lost we get something out of the game.

For me positives include:

  • Chantelle outstanding in goal and without a shadow of doubt the best GK on the island in ladies football.
  • Leanne gaining in confidence to make forward runs from the back.
  • Katy back playing to her strengths great performance today for the team on the left and right.
  • Anette taking one for the team in spending the full game one on one with the one player who makes a difference.
  • Niamh taking one for the team which will result in black eyes tomorrow no doubt.
  • Andrea playing a lone role up front.
  • Everyone looking like a team in the track suits, well done Tracey.

One game left so let’s turn that frown upside down. Learn from today. Get up to training this week Monday and Wednesday and be ready for our final game this season vs St John and finish on a high.

St John ……. is a winnable game!!!!!

Still… #lovefootballwithstpetersladiesfcme.

Tony Hoyland