Ladies V First Tower


Game vs First Tower United 1-0 L

Not only a bare bones 11 but an eleven where some players should not have played 90 mins but did so for the cause.

An outstanding performance. Superb team shape and discipline in the formation and tactics. Incredible work rate in covering each other and supporting each other coupled with our consistent enthusiasm to play for the team.

Losing 1-0 to a team second in the league and to the scruffiest of goals midway through the second half and being annoyed about it shows how far we have come and is testament to how good you have become individually and collectively.

Although I could name all players as brilliant as you were I will mention Steph would went in goal and performed with confidence and assurance and Leanne for getting the recognition she deserves by the island management.

If we want to learn compare our last two games. When we get tight and win our tackles we immediately nullify the strengths and dangers of our opposition, when we drop off or miss our tackles, we get hurt.

Remember this it might come in handy in our next game!

Well done today.