List of Club Officers and Committee Members season 2015/16

St Peter FC Academy

List of Club Officers and Committee Members

As at July 2015 with e-mail contact addresses applicable to season 2015/16


                                                  Responsibility                                            Email Address

Brian Foulser                            Academy Chairman                          

Mary Pack                                Academy Secretary                               

Peter Fleury                             Academy vice Chairman      

Paul Crowell                             Treasurer                          

Mike Horman                          Senior Coach minis –under 12’s

Alan Williams                          Child Welfare Officer                 

David Eves                               Events                                    

Scott Welsh                             Fitness and conditioning coach

David Walsh                            Senior Coach                                             Tel: 07797961861

Ian Lambert                                                                                   

Tania Soares                          Responsible for Academy web site


Ian Solomon                            Under 18’s                             

Colin Wood                             Under 18’s                         

Anthony Lister                        Under 16’s                        

Barry Hardisty                        Under 16’s                           

Steve Huckerby                      Under 16’s               

Joe Brophy                              Under 16’s (current)            

Joao Rogerio Soares              Under 15’s                        

Karl Benest                             Under 15’s                          

Jon Welsh                               Under 14’s                               

Dylan Barclay                         Under 14’s                        

Michael Howe                         Under 14’s                          

Charlie Daze                           Under 14   Mentor              

Anthony Lister                        Under 13’s                        

Jason Kerr                              Under 13.s              

Aaron Peel                              Under 12’s                             

Jon Profitt                               Under 12’s                                     

Ciaran Pack                            Under 11’s                                              

Jake Gower                            Under 11’s                            

Barry Beatson                        Mini Year 5                              

Barry Beatson                        Mini  Year 4                                       same

Andrew Morris                        Mini Year 3                          

Mike Horman                         Mini Year 1/2                          

Sean Lambert                        Mini Year 1/2                             


Stuart Murphy                       IT Consultant                         

Colin Pack                            Manager of Senior Club site                      

                                              And Goal keeping coach


Club Sponsors

The Sponsor of St Peter FC is Marlborough Fund Managers who have sponsored the main club for the last 12 years

Lead Academy Sponsor is: The Sanne Group

Key Academy Sponsor is:   Jacksons

An important Academy Sponsor is:  Power Protection Security Ltd

These are important Sponsors of St Peter FC and the Academy

We must at all times protect their good name and provide the relevant positive publicity to these companies. We should also seek to support these companies if the opportunity is there to do so in return for the generous and invaluable support they give to the St Peter FC Academy.

Marlborough is the name to be carried on all senior Club shirts

Sanne Group is the name on all Academy shirts

Jacksons sponsor our Academy Minibus, our Awards Evening

and our Hardship Fund.


St Peter FC Academy has a formal arrangement with Gillingham FC

from which both Clubs benefit. This is a major asset to the Academy as we are the only Channel Island Club with such an important link to a Football League Club and is designed to provide us with the support of a professional coaching team an understanding of the pathway into the professional game.


Brian Foulser

July 2015