Fixture Friday played v Rozel

Games where played and the report and feedback from various person’s it was a fantastic night, St Peter’s Minis played some great football as did Rozel many thanks to Mike, Steve and all the coaches for making tis happen.

Also thanks to Veronica for opening the cabin.

we hope all the children enjoyed it and we will be doing it again very soon.


Friday night game against Rozel Rovers looks like it will be going ahead based on the weather forecast at present so we will require Year 3 & Year 4 players to report at 6.15pm as they will have 1 game each in white shorts and socks we will have the shirts to give players

Year 5 players please report at the latest 6.45pm as there will be 2 Year 5 games again in white shorts and socks we will have the shirts to give players

The gates at the bottom end of the Ground will be open for parking entering from the road (Rue Des Landes) opposite the rugby club and we would appreciate people utilising this entrance as it will ease the traffic flow with regard to our main entrance in Rude Des Vignes although that will also be open

Please keep to the traffic flow in Rue Des Vignes and enter from the St Peter Main Road end and exit onto the Airport Road

The tea bar will be open and teas hot dogs etc. will be available

We will send out a  final confirmation  for these games  on Thursday


Best regards



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