We Need Someone Like You! Web Admin Vacancy

The club’s website has become an integral part of St Peter FC communications and we hope that you have benefitted from the news and info we post here regularly?

Our current web admin Tania has unfortunately had to step down and therefore a vacancy has arisen. Could you be the person to help out? We really hope so! This is a great opportunity to contribute to the club without having to don a tracksuit and football boots!

What’s involved: adding updates to the site and Facebook from time to time and selecting banners for different pages.

Where does the info come from: the committee and coaches will email you updates, although they can also add these themselves to the website directly. It’s ideal though to have a central admin who can oversee all online activity. Which is why we need you!

Is it hard? No, and full training will be provided. Its pretty straight forward once you have been shown.

Do I need to be able to create banners etc myself? Ideally yes but it is not essential.

Interested? If so please email stuartfmurphy@gmail.com.