New Facebook & Twitter Accounts

We’ve just launched Facebook and Twitter accounts for St Peter F.C. which you can view by clicking the icons positioned in the top right hand corner of each page on and

This is an exiciting time for the club and the hope is that we will increase the level of support and player participation. We hope you enjoy using Facebook and Twitter alongside the new websites. If you have any comments please email us at:

Answers to some typical questions surrounding the use of social media are listed below:

Why do St Peter F.C. need to use social media?

The answer is that as part of the club’s online make-over using Facebook and Twitter were essential. Why? Because people (lots of people!) now use Twitter and Facebook each day to view information online.

Why have a website and social media pages, isn’t a website enough?

The new websites for the main club and the Academy are a really important step in increasing access to the club online. However Facebook and Twitter offer St Peter the chance to speak with a wider audience, including players, volunteers, sponsors, friends and family of the club.

We will use the website as the main hub of online communication for St Peter F.C.

Twitter will be used to link with similar organisations and sponsors. In addition this is were we will tell followers about the club’s activities and news, directing them back to the website.

Facebook will be used as an extension of the website, with appropriate images and content added over time.

Doesn’t using social media sites like Facebook open up the possibility of a reputational issue for the club?

No, we have locked the accounts so that only club authorized persons can add or edit the content.