St Peter Under 16s 2014-15

JFA Subs to be paid now £15 no pay no play

St Peter Subs £60 to be paid by the end of September

Pre-Season schedule

Sunday 3rd August 11.00 am Reclamation site at La Collette run around Havre Des Pas (JW)(CW)(SW)

Wednesday 6th August 6.00 Meet at Hamburger Bel Royal Run and Beach (JW)(CW)(SW)

Sunday 10th August 11.00 am La Collette(JW)(CW)(SW)

Wednesday 13th August   6.00-8.00 St Peter Main Training pitch. (JW)(CW)(SW)(DW)

Sunday 17th August 11.00 am La Collette ( IS)(JW)(CW)

Wednesday 20th August 6.00-8.00 St Peter’s Main training pitch.(IS)(JW)(CW)(SW)(DW)

Saturday/Sunday 23rd/ 24th August Friendly against U K Side ko time tbc     ( IS)(JW)(CW)

Wednesday 27th August 6.00-800 St Peter’s (IS)(JW)(CW)(SW)(DW)

Sunday 31st 2.00golf day at Wheatland’s tbc   (IS)(JW)(CW)(SW)

Then every Wednesday after that up at St Peter ( IS) (JW)(CW)(SW)(DW)

Ian Solomon (Solly) -007797754147

Jon Welsh 07797755577

Colin Wood 07797739475

Scot Welsh 07700334519

St Peter Website: