St Peter FC apply for entry into UK Cup Competition

St Peter FC have applied to enter the Kent Reliance Intermediate Challenge Shield for the 2017/18 season.

As part of the clubs plans to develop playing opportunities for their senior players they have recently applied to the Kent FA Competitions Secretary to take part in the forthcoming season’s competition.

The club have the support of both the Jersey Football Association and Jersey Football Combination and are optimistic following preliminary discussions that their application will be successful.

1st Team Manager, Gary Freeman is excited by this new challenge, “the club are always looking at ways to move forward and we feel this is a great opportunity for our players to test themselves against UK opposition. We have a good young squad, including lads coming up from last years successful Under 18 team and hopefully if we can attract some new additions this will make us more competitive in the JFC Premiership and we feel a further challenge in a UK competition will stimulate further interest and competition within our squad. I firmly believe our best players need to be challenged and I am grateful to the committee at St. Peter FC for supporting the managements aims and ambition”.