Under 18’s v St John Report

On Sunday Our 18’s welcomed St John, but to be fair our lads were up for it. Yes St John only started with 10 players(not our problem) however it could of been a banana skin as the last meeting was a bit tight. But not today from Packman to Conor all the lads put in a quality shift. Goal machine Jake Prince banged in 5 but he did miss more, No thats not fare St Johns keeper had a fantastic game even though we did score 12 times. Luc got two and singles from Dan Parker (what a finish) a rocket from Nelson, Hello Burty and Huckers both scored and wait for it, A New year and Conor scored, they did try to stop our lads but as I said they were up for the game. Well done to Hendo, Mass, the Ginger Pele and El who had solid games. last shout goes to Ash, Archie and Captain Twig (Lammy) unsung heros who put the shift in but don’t get a mention.
Good solid perfomance lads next up Training on Thursday night up Peters.

Last off thanks to Alan for running the line and V for opening her Kiosk

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